New calf!

New calf!
I’m home sick again today but still have to do the animal chores. It took me 3 hours when it normally takes one. The good news is that I saw a black something in the field with Hana. It turned out to be her new calf. I put out some hay, and she and her calf walked over. The photo is of the calf and the sheep checking each other out for the first time while the adult cattle eat. The calf is just beautiful and hopefully will live up to our expectations.

I also got 6 bunnies ready for pick up tomorrow. I clipped out their little mats and brushed them. They are in a separate hutch being weaned. I’m going to miss them.

Still no goat kids though. Their mothers look like they are going to pop- they are so big!

2007-02-16 21:39:58 GMT
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