Tribute to Dot

Tribute to Dot
Today I’m mourning the loss of my first Nigerian Dwarf goat. She’s CTC Dorothy Sands who we called Dot. She was a beautiful, friendly, laid back and intelligent goat. She made my life much better, and I really hope I did the same.

She also produced wonderful babies for us. The first were Emily and Frankie- my first kids. They went to a wonderful home with kids and apparatus to play with. Then there was triplets- Iggy, Kasper and Jake. In 2003 she had Nugget, Magpie, and Otis. Thankfully we still have Magpie. In 2004 she had Choco-Dot who looked just like her except she was chocolate brown instead of black. I deeply regret that I sold her rather than keeping her. I tried to buy her back later but to no avail. In 2005 she had a miscarriage but in 2006 she had Munchkin and Toto. Toto was purchased as a breeding buck- now called Domino so Dot’s genes will live on in his kids as well. Then in 2007 she had Oz and Hickory. Two months later she became ill with endocarditis and meningitis. Each vet that saw her or I spoke to thought she wouldn’t make it, but with a lot of work and a fair amount of money she did. I felt like I owed it to her for all he kids she made for us to have a nice retirement. So since last April I have tried to spoil her with extra attention and food.

Last week I noticed she was acting different- separating herself from the flock. Then she started breathing a little heavy so I figured she had pneumonia even though she didn’t have a fever. I treated her with antibiotics as well as probiotics and nutrient supplements, but despite this we found her dead today. I really really hope she enjoyed her time with us and especially this last year of special treatment. She was my first Nigerian goat, and I’m going to miss her terribly. I do have Magpie to continue her genetic legacy, but it’s really not quite the same.

2008-01-07 05:13:10 GMT
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