Farm chores

We have just been accomplishing some random farm chores here when the weather is decent. We have had a donated old water tank that no longer holds water.  We have tried several times to patch it to no avail.  So when the clean plastic swimming pool we use for a duck pond finally gave up the ghost, Tom cut a piece off the old water tank, and it is now a duck pond.  The ducks are thrilled!

Then I got around to clean out and refurbishing the rabbit pen.  Initially I had chicken wire on the floor of the pen to keep varmints out and the rabbits in.  That rotted away quickly in our moist soil so I replaced it with old fencing.  Well the varmints figured out how to get through the fencing and ate a lot of rabbit food.  So I placed old pieces of plywood on the floor of the pen on top of the fencing.  The varmints chewed through that.  Then I placed metal rabbit cage pans on top of that.  The problem is that they were odd ball sizes and never covered the entire floor and the varmints found their way in.  So I ripped it all out today and started over.  This is the floor of the pen with everything ripped out:
These are the metal pans I was using, upside down and drying in the sun:
Then I placed metal recycle siding on the floor to completely cover it.  I topped that with wood shavings and then hay.  Now the rabbits are back in (with two pheasants), and they seem to be happy with their updated digs.  Now we’ll see if it’s varmint-proof.
Tom is building me a greenhouse with all the windows that were left here when we bought the place.  We purchased an old glassed-in screen door yesterday for it at a recycled building supplies store.  There we also found a motor that went with an old joiner and bought that too.  This motor we can attach to the hay elevator, and it will be more powerful than the wimpy one that crapped out on us last year in the middle of stacking hay.

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