No situation at Schoonover Farm after all

So it is looking like we do not have a situation at Schoonover Farm after all.  Today while waiting for Angie’s kids to be born I was looking at the supposedly pregnant ewes.  The only one of the ewes that I thought might have been impregnated by our “one-nut-wonder” Barney that is developing an udder is Wilma.  And Wink (her mother) who I thought I bred to Jocko is not showing any signs of pregnancy at all.  So this afternoon I perused the photos of Jocko’s breeding group and blew up the photo a little.  Notice the lack of any visible ear tags in the ewe in the center facing the camera.

I blew the photo up more- nothing in her left ear but possible a dark ear tag on the right.
Then I found this photo I took of the ewes before I put them in their breeding pastures.  Again the small brown ewe on the left of the photo has no visible ear tag in her left ear.
Now this is a photo of Wink’s face with a large visible yellow ear tag on her left ear. I confirmed today that she still has it.

And this is Wilma’s face photo with a steel ear tag on the right ear.
So it looks like I accidentally grabbed Wilma instead of Wink to breed with Jocko. Which means Barney, our “one-nut-wonder” is infertile like I thought, and we do not have 6 extra unintended pregnancies!  This news will be good for my marriage.  And it also means we’ve been feeding 6 ewes grain daily for nothing.  So now they will be kicked out of the spoiled sheep group and into the regular sheep group ASAP.  The old digital barn camera came in handy.
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2 Responses to No situation at Schoonover Farm after all

  1. Rayna says:

    Playing with chickens while your supposed to be sleeping! *giggles* I’m watching the barn cam 😉 That is the NEATEST thing! Glad to hear you have 6 less girls that need to be spoiled…well, not like they don’t all THINK they NEED to be spoiled…lol.

  2. Donna says:

    I am glad you are enjoying Rabbit Meadows’ barn cam. Neither of us is having any luck making lambs though.

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