Toward a more positive farm blog…

I am trying to focus on the positive things here. First is that our woefully neglected garden is producing an abundance of food. This is an example of one days harvest- there’s ears of corn on the bottom of the bag, green and purple beans in the next layer and tomatoes on top.

Here’s 5 tons of hay going into our new hay loft.
And here’s my new breeding buck Dean.

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4 Responses to Toward a more positive farm blog…

  1. Kathy says:

    Well, it’s better than a well-tended garden that didn’t produce much this year…like mine. 🙂 That frost we got at the beginning of August just ruined everything, catching the garden ready to start producing at it’s peak. Now it just look peak-ed.

  2. Mim says:

    And your new buck is a doll!

  3. Nancy K. says:

    Don’t worry about sharing the down times with us ~ it’s part of life with animals! But, you’re right. It’s always good to remember to count your blessings and you have some wonderful ones…

  4. Donna says:

    Thanks Kathy, Mim and Nancy,
    You are all right. A frost in August?!? Wow- I am glad we’ve never had that. And I do like my new buck although he is MUCH stinkier than the others here. And counting blessing is always good to keep things in perspective. I will keep trying.

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