Shorn Sheep and Random Sunlit Critter Photos

So while doing chores today I decided to take some photos.  First I concentrated on the bred ewes.  Now I can see what their condition is better without their fleeces.  This is Heidi,

Miss Lizzie,

Mona,Wink,Tanya,and Moll.Then I started looking at the rams.  Jocko is getting old but still looking good!
Lewis’ horns are slowly encroaching on his face.And I need help from the Shetland Sheep and sheep genetics experts out there regarding our yearling ram, Shaun The Sheep.  What color is he?  This photo was taken in the sunshine next to a true black yearling ram.  So is he dark brown or one of the variations of grays?  And then what are his markings on his side and on his neck?Here is his other side.  It looks like he has a star there!Then I took some random sunlit bird shots.  I keep trying to get a great frontal view of my peacock with his tail feathers out in the sunshine.  He usually turns away or brings his feathers down when I lift the camera, and he did it again.Here’s our gaggle of geese.And here is one of our Phoenix roosters.  He was just gorgeous in the sunshine.  He kind of looks mean here too- but he’s actually a nice rooster (as nice as they can be anyway).

I almost forgot the good news.  Fancy (the llama) got her pathology report back on her tumor, and it’s benign!!!  It’s extensive moderate sebaceous gland hyperplasia with chronic lymphoplasmidic (sp?) conjunctivitis.  The surgery should be successful, and it shouldn’t return!

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13 Responses to Shorn Sheep and Random Sunlit Critter Photos

  1. Michelle says:

    You have lots of pretty colors, whatever they are called!

  2. dccdmom says:

    Our Phoenix roosters have always been really nice. I had a banty phoenix who thought he was a parrot and used to ride around on my shoulder.

  3. Great news about Fancy! Glad to hear it.

  4. Randy says:

    I’d like to get a few phoenix’s. The peacock is beautiful. As far as sheep go….I’m not expert. But he looks mottled to me. Like Lewis, maybe? Beautiful animals. Have a good weekend.

  5. Karen Anne says:

    That’s great news about Fancy.

    What a beautiful rooster.

    How serious is the horns encroaching on face situation?

  6. Kim Gibson says:

    Great group of fuzzies… what will you do when the horns truly become a problem? Is there a way to remove them? (A truly greenhorn question, pun fully intended!)

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