So it’s snowing today.  Here I am ready for farm chores with my new Christmas-present insulated overalls.  I also have on my pre-warmed boots thanks to my Christmas-present boot dryer.  When we got out to the barn we found this:

It is the barn gate that the goats decided to remodel and put a new opening in.  They thought it would be best if they could go to the sheep side of the barn and check out their food.  The sheep hay might be better than the goat hay after all. Tom was using many four letter words including “meat” while repairing it.  While he was saying bad words and fixing the gate, I went out to the pheasant pen and brushed off the snow.  You can see the netting is almost down to the ground.


This is our goat Shorty coming out into the snow to see if there’s any food being offered.  There’s a snow plow on the road in the background.


Here’s the donkeys hiding from the snow and eating hay in their shelter.

Here’s the peacock who is rarely in the barn, waiting it out on the top of the barn door.



Our home always looks so much nicer in the snow.


And Vanessa, our rehab dog, briefly gets to enjoy the snow with her rehab farm mom.

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  1. Krista M says:

    Beautiful Donna. Makes those winter days easier to get through(as long as no hard freeze). Hope you and Vanessa enjoy your reprieve in the snow today.

  2. Nancy K. says:

    Don’t you just love it when it snows enough to make everything beautiful?

    I almost bought some overalls the other day (I hate it when snow goes over the top of my boots and gets my pants and feet wet) but decided that I’d just be too HOT wearing them. As it is, I usually have my jacket open and can’t stand a scarf around my neck. The only time that I wear a real “winter” coat is if it’s below zero!

    I hope you’re able to enjoy the snow a little and don’t get too sore. Be careful out there!

    Your dogs are very pretty. Are they chocolate labs?

    • I do, Nancy. I didn’t get too warm in my overalls so was happy. I can’t do too much though and I was careful. Vanessa is believed to be a Cheasapeake Retriever and Mopar we were told is a border collie, Rottweiller, beagle, lab, German Sherpard mix. We have all pound dogs so it’s hard to know for sure but Vaneesa does have webbed toes.

  3. Tracey says:

    Great pictures Donna…I bet you are lovin’ your warm farm clothing…!

  4. Teresa says:

    So glad you got those wonderful Christmas presents! When does your peacock molt? I can’t believe how long his tail is right now. Mine is still getting his grown out.

    • Those presents are coming in mightly handy. I learned that the book “dryer” can also work as a slipper warmer. Our peacock molts in the summer. So his feathers are only about 1/2 way there.

  5. Jody says:

    You guys got alot of snow! It does look fresh and pretty. Great farm gear you are wearing. I slipped on the ice while cleaning the sheep barn and it would have been nice to have some extra padding to protect my back 🙂

  6. Tammy says:

    So I’m sure the goats know the terrible secret now–the sheep are getting all the good stuff…. (even if it is the same stuff.) Silly things, and they always pick the worst weather to act out. We got a little snow here and are experiencing bitter cold and the temps will keep falling over the next day and half. Enjoyed the pictures of life on the farm!

    • They busted out again last night, a different gate this time. I guess it must be a lot better on the sheep side. We are cold, but not as bad as you I am sure. There’s more snow going to fall here any moment.

  7. jackie says:

    Those naughty goats! Ours have been naughty recently too. It has snowed so much that the fence is a lot shorter now, especially in this one spot. The goats figured out that they can jump over. Of course sheep and llamas watched and followed suit. The destination–the tarped hay. They enjoy self feeding apparently. It took numorous tries of fixing the problem and my son finally found a fix that “raised” the fence, so they stopped. They had a great time getting away with something though.
    Take care of your back.

  8. Jackie Craw says:

    too true!!

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