We have had neighbor troubles here.  We have had one neighbor threatened to kill our cats to a visitors to our place.  This is because the cats were going onto his property.

We had another neighbor clear over our property line and continue to do so when he was told so.  He took out a survey stake in the process.

We have had another neighbor use our trees for paintball practice and dump garbage over the fence onto our property.

And I won’t go into the dispute we are having for their draining their development’s water illegally onto our property.  The lawyers and government officials are now involved.  So imagine our trepidation when we went to visit the neighbor that we hadn’t met yet to discuss water drainage issues.

It turns out they are quite nice!  They invited us into their home.  We discussed the drainage issues and agreed.  And we learned a lot about local history.  Imagine that- nice neighbors!!!!

P.S. Tom bought my a new camera for my birthday!  I am told I am not allowed to bring it into the barn so this blog will continue to contain photos from my beaten up camera.  But for now here’s random photos from my new camera!

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  1. Michelle says:

    VERY nice photos from the new camera! And I’m glad you have at least ONE nice neighbor. 🙂

    • Thanks Michelle. I was thinking that the farm blogs I follow do not talk about neighbor issues. Maybe we are the only ones that have them?
      My photos do not compare to yours but as I get used to this new camera, hopefully mine will improve.

  2. Michelle says:

    I don’t think my photos are any better than yours!

    As for what I talk about on my blog, I try to keep the scope fairly narrow and pleasant – flowers, animals, knitting, spinning, weather, the occasional “extra-curricular” activities. We have had a few neighbor issues over the years and wish we had more space around us, but I remind myself to be thankful for what we have. Last week one of our “neighbors” less than a mile down the road, whose arena I used to ride in, hung himself. He killed a man in a drunk-driving accident a year ago; now TWO families are devastated and without husband and father. Lots of heartache and trouble in the world….

    • Thanks for the compliment.

      That is awful about your neighbor. What sorrow. There is a lot of heartache and trouble in the world. Maybe that’s why I am protective of our little farm.

  3. Karen Anne says:

    What a pain to have bad neighbors. I’m glad there is one good one in the bunch.

    I have new neighbors arriving close by next door in the next month or two, and they are already talking about applying for a variance to build humongous stuff right across the view, sigh. Otherwise I have great neighbors. But it was very, very wearing where I lived years ago where I had neighbors from the nether regions.

    • I am glad you have great neighbors. Sorry about the humongous thing. We had one neighbor build a house that feels like they are staring at our back yard but at least it is not huge.

  4. Tammy Powell says:

    I live way out in the country but it’s also in a small ‘town’ (of about 9 houses). Several of them are vacant, my folks own several others (which are used as storage). We have one set of neighbors that have lived here for as long as I remember, and they are very much mind their own business and have never been a bit of trouble. Then the lady from heck moves in one of the houses and then buys another (actually an old store). Very much in your face, wanting to do this and that, cutting trees that don’t belong to her, loud, obnoxious etc. The worst thing though has been her penchant for acquiring dogs, (which of course are allowed to roam). We live at a crossroads intersection (highway/dirt road) which is very busy–I think that in the two years she has lived here, the count is up to about four dogs killed on the road or died of (?). The dogs are hungry but not starved, wormy, flea ridden etc. She leaves them in her house for long extended periods while she leaves town—sometimes she has people come in and take care of them, sometimes not. Then she got a billy goat….. Kept him tied out and tangled up til he got loose. He ran free all summer, until I finally had to call her come fall when he started taking an interest in my ewes. Hated to do it, as the goat then had some rough times not being fed (after being penned up, finally). Law was called etc. I ended up pretty much laying down the law with her, because she wouldn’t listen. At this point neither I nor my folks have anything to do with her and vice versa. The hardest part is watching animals being neglected. So, anyway…I can sure sympathize with you, and this is only one bad apple here. We’ve had it so nice for awhile….in years past we’ve had so much grief–drunken parties, neighbors who would shoot our cats (and once one of our dogs–but yet let theirs run free) etc. To be honest I just want my little peace of heaven here and I’d rather there not be any new neighbors move in! But in reality we can only control what we own, and even then sometimes that is iffy. Sorry for your troubles, but wanted to let you know you aren’t alone.

  5. Jonathan Bates says:

    When you actually get to know people, they often turn out alright. A lot of neighbor acrimony is based on fear of the unknown and active imaginations. Good job befriending yours. Also many people seem to feel their neighborhood is the most dangerous place in the world and their neighbors are unknowable “others.”

    P.S.: You might want to clean up your second sentence for clarity. I had a hard time gauging its meaning.

  6. Jonathan Bates says:

    Nice photos, too!

  7. Teresa says:

    Glad you found a nice neighbor. I think everyone has neighbor troubles at one time or another, but things are pretty calm here right now. I’m probably more the difficult neighbor with my Houdini Great Pyrenees escaping the yard and goats out occasionally and a kid who likes loud music and loud cars. The pictures from the new camera are wonderful! What kind is it?

    • One issue with people living in the country is that probably do not like close neighbors. Thankfully we do not have any escape artist but do have a sometimes loud kid.
      Thanks for the compliment. It is a Canon t1i.

  8. Jackie Craw says:

    Your new camera takes nice photos. I’m glad you have at least one nice neighbor. We live in the wilderness and are the only full time residents here. WE even have neighbor problems. You can’t escape them, they are everywhere!

  9. sheepsclothing says:

    Glad to hear that you finally had a positive neighbor experience. That’s got to be a relief.

    • It was a relief. We were nervous walking up to their front door, particularly to talk about water issues. Plus I had an ulterior motive to ask about history. It all worked out great though!

  10. Tina T-P says:

    Such wonderful pictures – new techie things are always fun.

    We’ve been thinking of you a lot with all the rain that has been coming down. Maybe this new neighbor will help “turn the tide” – T.

    P.S. – like your new header too –

    • Thanks Tina. I am trying to get used to having too many options with the camera. These neighbors are in the same boat so to speak. We are not flooding at the moment but muddy. Our rams are still in the barn and we need the space.

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