Random Farm Projects

We have been involved with various farm projects lately.  One is watching Magpie, who is pregnant and supposedly due this weekend.  However, her udder is not very big so we think it will take a little longer for her to pop her kids out.

There was a brief break in the weather/rain, and we were able to rototill.  We are still using the tiller that we got from my grandfather.  It is 1970s vintage but starts right up each year and goes to work.

We are trying to figure out how to garden smarter given our backs.  So this year we put three planters up on spools so we do not have to bend over to weed them.

We also put the lower half of the defunct hot tub on a spool too.  We will drill holes in the bottom, put dirt in it and plant carrot seeds.

I am trying to develop a love-hate relationship with nettles like I have with blackberries. It is currently a hate-hate one.  I tried to use nettle stems to make fiber last winter, but the fiber rotted.  I will try again this winter. but in the meantime I picked nettle starts and made soup.  It actually turned out quite good.

We are tending to the starts in the greenhouse.  The ground is still way too wet to plant so it may be a while for these guys in the greenhouse to make it outside.

 We, as always, are managing animal interpersonal multi-species relationships.  This time old Bob got bashed by a goat.  The offending goat is now out in a field with the bucks while Bob recovers.

We are watching the grass grow.  It is almost long enough to start rotational grazing.

Today I decided it was warm enough to pluck and shear the rabbits.  I always forget to take a photo of the rabbit before it is sheared because I am so focused on the task at hand.  But I did remember this time to get a photo of Bomber beforehand.

Some of the rabbits were quite matted because I waited so long for the weather to turn decent.  It is still freezing here at night so I hope they will be OK but I couldn’t wait any longer.  Anyway, here’s the fiber I harvested from them today.

So those are the exciting activities here at our little farm.

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4 Responses to Random Farm Projects

  1. Nancy K. says:

    I want to plant!

    OMG ~ that Angora wool is absolutely to die for!!!

    • I want to plant too!

      Thanks Nancy. I am disappointed how little I got but what I have is nicce. I keep meaning to drum card Shetland and Angora together and sell it. I do it for myself and love it- hats are especially nice. I keep think mittens would be nice too and probably socks 😉

  2. Teresa says:

    You certainly have been busy. Your garden plants are looking great. I hope you get to put them in the ground soon.

    • Thanks Teresa. I was thinking there’s no overriding project right now- just a lot of little Spring activities. The pumpkins won’t make it into the ground any time soon, but the best we can hope for is the peas, potatoes and onions, and only the onions are in the green house now. It is going to get mighty crowded in there.

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