Spring has Sprung at Schoonover Farm!

The flock is out on the grass, the hens are laying eggs like crazy,

and we finally have babies.  Magpie delivered this morning!  First born we have

,  and shortly thereafter we have

.  They are both bucklings.  The next order of business after being licked clean is finding the teat.

Sometime you need a little help.

But then you are clean, dry and have a full tummy.  That is when all is right with the world.

PS  I plan on taking my nice new camera gingerly out to the barn to get photos later today.  I will post those too.

PPS  I want to call them Flight Time and Big Easy, but Tom is not keen on the idea.  We will figure it out and post their names too.  Of course, their new owners will name them whatever they would like too.

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15 Responses to Spring has Sprung at Schoonover Farm!

  1. Krista M says:

    Love them, and love their names, I think you should do it!
    Happy Easter to you, April is due to kid any day, and really close:)

  2. Zakgirl says:

    It’s a wonderful time of year. We are heading into Winter so envy you right now.

    I’m impressed with your chicken coop set up; looks very workable.

    We have some Murray Grey calves due in August-September… can hardly wait.

    I really must get back to my blog and update you on everything. Life gets in the way.


    • We had a long hard winter and a very late spring, but it is more appreciated now. The wood nest boxes were here when we bought the place but the metal ones were gifts. They are definitely using them now. I hope you update your blog including your upcoming calving.

  3. Erika says:

    Augh, such tiny damp hooflets, I could dieeeee!

  4. Teresa says:

    Congrats on the babies! They are adorable. glad they made it here okay.

  5. Karen Anne says:

    The flock on the grass photo makes a great desktop background. Finally my own “farm” 🙂

    Now that the photo is large, I can see the water? feeding? thing in the background. Is it as precarious as it looks?

    • Glad you have your own farm. That thing is a scratching post. It was street sweeper that is now on top of tires and has a 5 foot tall thick wooden post in the middle. It is just tilted a little but not precarious. It was for the cattle but the llamas and taller goats like it. I wish the sheep wouldn’t use it as it ruins their fleeces. That is what the tires are for, so it is not at short sheep level.

  6. Jackie Craw says:

    congratulations on the new kids. Magpie seems to have such pretty kids every year.

    • Thanks Jackie. She does have pretty kids plus she makes great milk. So since I only picked one to purposely breed this year, I picked her. Unfortunately Cody had other ideas yet again so we will have unplanned pregnancy kids in late July too. He is an amazing escape artist, gets over 5 foot solid wood fences.

  7. Karen Anne,
    Street sweepers make great scratching posts to the point that they are hard to find and expensive when you find them. The critters love them! So they scratch on it instead of the fencing.

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