RIP Tom the Turkey

Our 10+ year old bronze turkey died today.  He was our mascot, greeting visitors with his feathery displays, colorful face and neck, and weird sneezing behavior.  People either loved him or were scared of him.  Recently he had been living in the pheasant pen since the geese had been beating him up.  We was quite mean to other turkeys we had here so he remained the only one.  He will be missed.

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11 Responses to RIP Tom the Turkey

  1. Krista M says:

    So sorry Donna. I have loved the Two Toms picture so much. Maybe Tom2 will come along soon? Cheers~Krista

  2. Michelle says:

    What a handsome character! Sounds like he lived to a ripe old age for a turkey.

  3. I love turkeys…even though I’m scared of them. Cool birds. I’m sorry for your farm’s loss.

    • Thanks! We were always puzzled why some people were scared of him since he didn’t have teeth or claws to speak of. The people that tended to be nervous were older people that described bad experiences of turkeys chasing them when they were children. Also some kids were scared but he must have looked pretty big to them!

  4. Jackie Craw says:

    Really sorry to hear of the loss of Tom turkey. ten years is a long time. He had a good home with you guys!

  5. Teresa says:

    What a shame to lose sue a beautiful bird. I certainly think that ten years has to be a good long life for a turkey.

    • Thanks Teresa. I do miss his color and antics. I hope he had a long enough life here He certainly was slowing down his last year. Turkeys do not seem to live as long as geese. They seem to live forever.

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