Christmas Tree


So this last week we manage to get a Christmas tree up.  It was a little hectic so I ran to the nursery to pick it out, talked to Tom on the cell about it, bought it and he came later in the truck to pick it up.  He calls it our Charlie Brown Christmas tree because it is sparse in its branches.  but I think it looks great.  Plus it is a Norway Spruce which we will plant in front of our pastures to give us and our animals some privacy from the road.  Many of the 99 trees we planted there did not make it because of the moisture there.  The spruces and some of the cedars made it so I have high hopes that this spruce will be happy there.

Our cat Chloe likes having the tree too.  She spends a lot of time hanging out under it looking up at it.  She rarely disturbs the ornaments, just stares.  She is an odd cat.  You can see her in the photo if you search.

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  1. Jackie Craw says:

    Beautiful tree! I like all the different ornaments. We have a charlie brown tree too, only it is not plantable afterward. I usually throw them to the ruminants after we are done and they get to enjoy it. We live next to the National Forest so can cut one every year. I usually pick it out on my daily walk and it takes us about 15-20 minutes to go get it. Merry Christmas!

    • Donna says:

      Merry Christmas Jackie! Your tree likely cost less than ours but hopefully ours will last longer. A local goat rescue (New Moon Farm) accepts Christmas trees after the holidays for their goats. They really like them. Our goats and sheep are missing out!

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