Camo sweater is done


The camo sweater is finally done.  It has been years in the making.  First I purchased a Bernat Urban Camouflage pattern book in June 2008.  I then asked Tom what he would like me to make from it.  He chose the hooded sweater- the biggest project in the book.  I did not like the way their yarn looked in the sweater because it was not a true camo pattern.  So I started to hunt for yarn to use.  I could use our wool for the natural colors but I needed olive green.  I purchased an olive green dye at Black Sheep Gathering in 2008 for this purpose but when I used it, the yarn came out an orangey brown.  So back to the drawing board.  Then when we in the Shetland Islands at Jamieson’s spinning mill there was a package of yarns called Leafy Trails that had quite a bit of olive green but also other colors.  This was in May 2009.  I then decided to use an intarsia technique for the first time to make the camo pattern and pixelated a photo of our camo sheets to make the pattern.  So then I was off.

I had the vest portion completed by hunting season 2010.  I thought he might want a hunting vest but he said no, he would wait for the whole sweater.  I was trying to get it done by the hunting season of 2011 but did not make it.  The finishing took a lot longer than I thought it would.  So today I finally sewed the zipper on it and it is done!

Tom likes it which is the most important thing.  It is going to be warm for him to wear but will be nice for cold nights out hunting.  What do you guys think?

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15 Responses to Camo sweater is done

  1. Michelle says:

    I think you are a genius! That is awesome!

  2. Jackie Craw says:

    WOW! AWESOME! My daughter and I are so impressed. what a treasure for Tom.

  3. Franna says:

    OMG!!! Congratulations! A real FO, and it looks terrific! …camo sheets??

  4. traceyvarner says:

    Looks awesome! Nice job and kudos for finishing it even if it took a lot of hard work and time! Makes it all the more special for Tom…

  5. Tina T-P says:

    That is amazing – great job, and even better since it has your own wool in it – John loves his vests that are made with our wool. 🙂 T.

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Tina! The brown colors are from our sheep but the other colors are from the Shetland Islands. John’s vests are 100% from your wool so better.

  6. sheepsclothing says:

    Wow. That looks really involved, with the intarsia and all. I’ve only done that once, and not sure I would have the patience to try again. The camo effect is great. Good show!

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Denise! It was very involved. One reason finishing took so long is I had to sew in all the loose threads. Keeping the tension right was challenging. And I was switching colors almost constantly when I was knitting. Plus the camo pattern is random so I had to constantly look at my color chart to see where I was at. Slow going. But I was trying to get a true camo pattern.

  7. mcfwriter says:

    I am SO impressed! I imagine Tom must love it (and how could he not?) – truly a work of art!

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