Bridge and Boots

skagit bridge collapse


Above is the photo from the Skagit Valley Herald of our major north-south freeway bridge collapse yesterday evening.  I was in the emergency room at the time and was impressed by the medical community’s response to this potential catastrophe.  Fortunately nobody perished.  But then this morning I had to figure out how to get home.  I chose a somewhat circuitous route.  The problem is there are a lot of back roads here but very few bridges across the Skagit River.  So any bridge is going to be a bottleneck.  But my plan worked okay and I made it across the river.  In this route I was going near downtown Sedro Woolley so decided to stop and pick up some new mud boots.

Oliver HammerI stopped at Oliver Hammer, the best store to buy mud boots at.  I picked out replacements for my La Crosse alpha burly boots which had lasted through 2 winters (a record for me).  In addition to selling me new boots and socks, I was also convinced to buy some glue that is supposed to fix all the cracks in my old boots.

old and new bootsWe shall see but I may have a back up pair for visitors.  It is odd that a bridge collapse would allow me to support a local small business.  But I have my new boots, socks and glue and am happy for the moment.  But there are going to be many painful months trying to get around in my county.  Wish us luck and patience.



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6 Responses to Bridge and Boots

  1. Jackie Craw says:

    I saw the bridge collapse on the news last night, and I thought of you. What a nightmare! and a huge convenience. I have been through a couple of bridge collapses and breakages (West Seattle Bridge, I-90, Beebe bridge) in my lifetime. I don’t envy you. Hopefully they can get it rebuilt in a hurry.

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Jackie! I remember what a hassle the Beebe bridge was. This is going to be a long struggle. I do not think it will be rebuilt fast.

  2. Vicki says:

    Thanks for the update Donna. Sure appreciate it.

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Vicki! Tom tried to drive to Silvana to pick up our smoked meat. He made it to Rexville Grange and then couldn’t make it much further. I had thought this route would be a good one. So he came back home after an hour of trying. Welcome to our new lives.

  3. Brandy says:

    Just so glad you were not ON it when it went… Glad you made it home safe and sound too! Congrats on the new boots. Dry feet are underrated by some folks…

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Brandy! I could easily have been on it. That was my first concern that Tom had been on it. And my parents texted and called me to see that I was OK.

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