10 Years and 1 Day of Marriage

means the party’s over, and it is time to get back to work.  We started off the day getting Merle and Waylon ready to sell to Eliz this morning.  Then we trimmed the hooves of 22 goats (88 feet).  After lunch I tackled the llama maintenance for Fancy, one of our guard llamas.  This involved first getting her in the stanchion.

fancy in stanchionThen I gave her a mineral bolus, worming medication and then sheared her with hand shears.  She spit, cried, jumped and laid down through the whole thing.  I had to get Tom to help trim her toes.  At this point we were calling her Drama Llama Ding Dong.  She then got her CDT shot (the only thing that hurt even a little) and was set free (not the least bit thankful).

fancy shearedWhile I was dealing with an ungrateful (and now cooler) llama, Tom was working on the hay elevator.  He bought one that was going to be thrown away for $15 a couple of years ago.  Now he has welded to back together and added a motor, its bracket, tensioner and pulley.  Here it is:

hay elevatorThis elevator seems to be alot more secure than the one we have been using the last 5-6 years.  Hopefully this one will not cause a trip to the ER like last year.  Here it is in action:




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  1. Zakgirl says:

    That’s an impressive hay stacker for only fifteen bucks plus maintenance. Looks like it will last a lifetime. 🙂

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