died today.  Her cancer had progressed in that she was having problems walking and with her bowels.  But she still seemed happy, hobbling around to be near us, sleeping on a wool comforter, and eating grilled hamburger or chicken breasts twice per day.  Then this weekend she stopped eating and drinking.  I thought it might be “time”, but she still seemed happy, was moving about the yard and barking at passersby.  This morning she was having problems breathing with exertion, and this afternoon was having trouble breathing at rest.  Our vet had warned us that this cancer was prone to metastases to the lungs so we knew it was time to say goodbye.  We called our veterinarian, Dr. Peter Brown of Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic and rather promptly he came to us.  He injected her and she peaceably died in the yard she roamed around all these years while Tom and I were petting her and telling her we loved her.

We got Vanessa from the Skagit Humane Society on March 29, 2004.  She was 3 years old at the time.  Her previous owners had named her but apparently did not want her anymore.  As soon as she arrived here she has been the best behaved dog I have ever known.  She was intelligent and instantly figured out the rules.  She was always happy.  She has always treated all other creatures well and never caused any problems.  She would follow us around while we did chores.  She would bark at coyotes and greet visitors.  She liked cold weather.  We even went skijoling once.  She loved trips and especially loved the ones that involved swimming.  It is hard to put into words how much she meant to me, but I feel like I lost a best friend today.

Below are photos of her.  These photographs represent how I would prefer to remember her.Vanessa2vanessavanessablackwhitesunningdogsvanessawaitinggate3dogfacestomrockyvanessachippertrailaftertomdogswalkercreekTom and Vanessa rehabdogs and snowsunny dogsdogs and new gatevanessa_2vanessa with jawbonepruning with dogstom aND VANESSA AT RIVERvanessa and loki at topjackolattern Vanessadogs at gatevanessa_5Tom and dogs fixing cartskunky dogswet dogsporch dogsVanessa viewVanessa_4mopar and Vanessa on chipped branchesVanessa_3Rest in peace, sweet Vanessa.  We will miss you.


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12 Responses to Vanessa

  1. Elin says:

    Sorry Donna, Vanessa was a sweetie.

  2. Michelle says:

    That last photo, with the heart-shaped tag, says it all….

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Michelle! That was the most recent photo. Glad I bought her the heart shaped tag fairly recently. She is now buried with it.

  3. Denise says:

    I’m so sorry Donna. She was a good pup, and a good friend.

  4. Tammy says:

    So Sorry for your loss of Vanessa. It looks like she lived a life every dog would be so lucky to have–filled with her pack of humans and dogs and enough adventures to make even her naps lovely. I know it is so hard to lose them and my heart goes out to you. You were blessed and so was she.


  5. kapperkay says:

    Damn, it’s never easy is it? It hurts like nothing else and I send you a ton of virtual hugs. She sure looked happy in these pictures. I’m sure you gave her an incredible life – and she gave you one as well! The ache you’re feeling is her jumping from the physical world into your heart….at least that’s how I like to define it…

  6. Kathy says:

    Oh, Donna
    I am so sorry for your loss. Vanessa looked so happy in her life with you. Our fur babies are so much our family. You have had a hard year so far. Hugs. Kathy

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