Clean Barn

clean half barn

It feels so good to have the barn cleaned out.  It took many days of effort on our part, but now there is a feeling of accomplishment and preparedness.

clean other half barn

I know if does not look like much to some folks, but to us it is gorgeous!

clean barn

In unrelated and unexpected news, my cat opened the spigot on my primary fermentation vat for my red plum wine and released 1/2 gallon of the fermenting wine on the dining room floor.  Thankfully she did this while I was making my lunch so it was only 1/2 gallon rather than 4 gallons, and it did not have much time to sink into our wood floor and rug.  But still, lunch was postponed and a major clean up effort ensued.  I now have the spigot well taped shut.  You never know what is going to happen when you live with other species of animals.


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4 Responses to Clean Barn

  1. Elaine Weedman says:

    Nice barn, bad kitty.

  2. Tina T-P says:

    If that’s not a “who me, I didn’t do nuthin” look, if I’ve ever seen one. Glad she didn’t do it when you were gone. T.

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