Pressing Apples in the Sunshine

Mule with apples

Today we pressed apples except it was sunny and warm.  Usually when we press apples it is cold and stormy.  I typically am drenched  in rain, have numb hands from the cold and/or am waiting for a tree to fall on me in the wind.  This year all I had to worry about was getting sweaty and sunburnt.  This is because our apples are early this year thanks to our warm summer.

Tom and his pressI am not complaining.  Below is a shot of mother and daughter from this morning.  Can you tell they are related?Magpie and Mavis


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2 Responses to Pressing Apples in the Sunshine

  1. Elaine Weedman says:

    Nice touch with the fleece on the drying rack in the background.

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Elaine! It is quite unusual for us to have wool drying (a summertime task) and pressing apples (an autumn task). Tom did not like the wool smell, saying it was like pressing among wet sheep.


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