Getting Creative with Cucumbers


We have an abundance of cucumbers this year.  Not sure what Tom was thinking when he started so many plants last spring.  I have been eating them every day in my salad for lunch.  I have been making cucumber infused water, more pickles then I could every possibly eat and even made a facial with some (which made a big mess).  We have been selling them in the farm stand and feeding them to the chickens, but we are still overwhelmed with them.  So I googled around trying to find something else to do with them.  I found a recipe for a cucumber cocktail.

Cucumber cocktail

Most of the cocktail recipes I found only use a slice or two of cucumber, but this one used quite a bit.  And it is actually tasty too.

Then I found a recipe for Cucumber and Smoked Salmon Sandwiches.  It is on Martha Stewart’s site (not somewhere I usually go).  So I made them for a snack today, with some modifications.

Cucumber and smoked salmon sandwichesThey were good.  Not very flavorful unless you got a piece of jalapeno, but they are certainly different then the endless salads I have been eating.  So I manage to consume several cucumbers today.  We will see how many grew today while I was using these ones.  Tomorrow I have plans for a large greek salad.

Below is just a photo of our cat Izzy in the sun this morning.

Izzy in morning sun



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3 Responses to Getting Creative with Cucumbers

  1. Michelle says:

    Where is that magic equalizer wand? I would use it for my friend in KY where it has been too wet to cut hay all summer and for me where it is dry and hay has skyrocketed. I would use it for you and me so we both had enough cukes. I’ve gotten TWO, after fighting the grounds squirrels all summer for them. Anyway, one of the food blogs I follow has a bunch of cucumber recipes; you might find something new:

  2. Donna says:

    I also made cucumber lime paletas the other day. The recipe is at They are quite good although not spicy like ones I have had in paleterias. The greek salads are good. The sliced cumcumber on the face did not work out very well though. More cucumbers coming all the time!

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