Pregnant RosieSo this morning our Irish Dexter cow Rosie went into labor.  I had to give her CMPK to prevent the milk fever she had last year.  This involved roping her head, tying her to a fence post and shoving the paste down her throat.  After this experience, she was not interested in being close to me so I watched her labor from afar.  I was able to video it from across the pasture with a zoom lens.

At the end of this I realized that her calf was breech.  I was concerned about it when I saw the feet but could not be sure at such a distance, but then the head did not appear and she was not making much progress.  So I stopped the camera and ran and pulled the calf out.  It had quite a bit of secretions and I could not find the bulb suction, but she gradually recovered.


Here she is nursing for the first time.Nursing first timeHere are the neighbors concerned about the new arrival.

upset neighborsShe seems to have some red between her legs, possibly reflecting her Scottish Highland father.

red legs

And here is her sweet face.

calf face

I am thinking about calling her Independence (Indy for short) since she was born on a potentially historic day.




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8 Responses to Calving

  1. epeavey1 says:

    It is always great to see a new animal come into the world, my goat had twins in the pasture thank goodness she was a mature goat no problems. After she wash them off I had old towels put them both in the wheel barrel and took them to the shed. My first experience with twin goats one female one male too cute.

  2. kimberlywnva says:

    Wow! I was holding my breath during your whole post — I’m glad all went well, (what a beautiful calf!!) and I hope that continues!! THANKS for sharing, it’s truly a miracle, isn’t it?

  3. Denise says:

    yea! happy birthday Indy!

  4. Lois says:

    I am sure that this was pretty intense for you recognizing the necessity of getting her out quickly….as you would from your experience in lambing. Good job Donna!!!
    Welcome to the world Indy!

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Lois! It was intense. Particularly since I was alone and previously (when Tom was around) I could not pull a calf and he had to do it. It is a lot harder than lambs. Fortunately Rosie had pushed the legs out far enough that I could get a good grip. Still, with the first pull the calf didn’t budge, and I was really nervous. Plus the calf had stopped moving her legs so worried about her condition too. But Rosie and I got her out. We will have to come up with another name though. No independence.

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