Rosie Gets Milk Fever, and Indy Gets Scours

So last evening Rosie was having trouble standing and was not looking after her calf she left out in the rain.  She had milk fever again although not as bad as last year.  We drenched her with CMPK and within 1/2 hour she was walking better and eating grain.  We brought the calf into the barn and got her to nurse and thought all was well.

But then this morning Rosie seemed fine, but Indy was having copious mucousy yellow diarrhea.  Initially I could not get her to nurse.  She could stand but would quickly lay down, and she was breathing fast.  We called the vet and made arrangements to bring her in.  Then we got her to nurse so I was starting to second-guess myself.  But at the vets they said she was dehydrated and acidotic.  She received IV fluids, IV bicarbonate and IV antibiotics, and we were told she will be all better in 2 days.  Here she is just after arriving back home to her mom.  Hopefully they both make a full recovery.
Rosie and Indy

It seems like the name Indy is sticking even though Scotland voted against independence.

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  1. I’m sorry to read about the difficulties Rosie and Indy are having — I really hope they continue to improve, but just in case, I’m sending healing/healthy vibes from my corner of Virginia!!

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