Recent Farm Events

sunrise2So it has been stormy here recently.  We have had 6.6 inches of rain per grampa’s rain gauge over the last 2.5 weeks.  Things are muddy but only minor flooding so far here.  Hopefully it will continue without the floods this year.

My aunt from Indiana visited recently, and she brought with her a bee hive (and books and supplies) from my cousin there.  It is absolutely perfect, and I am looking forward to using it all.  We toured the farm, had lunch at Bob’s, and made some Shetland roving during her visit.  Quite fun!

bee hive

On Halloween Tom and I dressed up a little, lit candles, watched scary movies, and ate pizza and Halloween candy.  A good way to celebrate the holiday when you are 50.

spider pizzaface pizza

After Halloween, the carved pumpkins went to the animals again.  They always enjoy them.

chickens pumpkinsheep pumpkin


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