Chicken Butchering

roostersToday was chicken butchering day.  But this time, since Tom is working full-time, I had to deal with it.  Above are the roosters we raised since June.  They are mostly dual purpose heritage breeds so there rooster chicks would likely have been killed as chicks if we had not have purchased them  That is my one (of two) consolations of the day.  Below are the roosters after I caught them, put them in crates, moved them to the truck and loaded them there.

chickens in crates

And here are our chickens in front of the processing plant.  It was a rainy windy day which contributed to the bleakness of it all.

processing plant

And here are the 25 chickens overflowing our coolers in the back seat of the trunk.

Ichcickens in coolers

We did have a very good chicken dinner tonight (consolation #2).

In completely unrelated news, we are breeding our Shetland ram Lewis to our Gotland-Finn ewe Tanya.  It is partially to save Lewis from the cougar, to give him a companion after Jocko died, and to produce lamb meat in a year’s time.

Lewis and Tanya


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