Meat Broths

beef bone broth broth for hogsWith having our animals butchered, there are many products that need dealing with that are not involved when you buy packaged meat from a grocery store.  I have eaten some unusual cuts of meats (for me anyway).  And I rendered lard.  But there are also organs and bones to find a use for.  For the chicken’s organs I boiled them in some water (above) and we fed them to the hogs.  For the chicken bones and necks I made chicken broth with them (below).

chicken broth

I like to use the Instant Pot I got for Christmas from my father.  You can use it as a timed pressure cooker so it is easy peasy.  I used it to make beef bone broth as well.

beef bone broth

I am trying to clear out some room in our freezer for more beef next month.



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