Spring Activities

Spring is definitely here which is lovely but also means work.  Yesterday Tom got the lawnmower running and mowed our front and back yards.  I cleaned woody debris from the back yard and had a fire.  Tom patched up a bunch of fence bottoms with posts to keep the critters (mostly goats) where they are supposed to be.  I cleaned up the garden to get it ready for rototilling.  I also started a bunch of seeds and got the greenhouse somewhat organized.  We had bratwursts cooked over the fire for lunch which were really yummy.

Crabapple trees with blooms

We have an incredibly amount of blooms on our orchards’ trees this year.  Hopefully this will mean a lot of fruit this fall.

Today I skirted 9 of our Shetland fleeces.  My plan is to send them away to spinning mills to be made into roving and yarn.  I have some yarn customers wanting other colors, and I have really been enjoying knitting with roving to make a Cowichan-style sweater and hope to do more.  Here is one of my favorite fleeces of the day.  It is Wendel’s lamb fleece.  I just love the colors.



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