Birds Day

was yesterday.

Tom was mowing one of our pastures when a bald eagle kept landing in the same field.  He was eating the rodents that were being disrupted by the mowing.  Here he is standing,

and here he is flying.

soaring eagle

Pretty dramatic, huh?

My bird day happened when I was trimming goats’ feet in the barn.   I kept hearing a cheeping sound in the barn, and I kept going to look and not finding anything.  I decided it was just the sounds of our chicks echoing in a different direction.  Finally when I was walking out one of the goats I found a little lone chick.  No mother or nest in sight.  So I moved her in with our other chicks, and thankfully that mama hen cannot count well.  The new chick is the one on the left.

12 chicks

She seems to be looking after her, showing her how to eat and drinking and setting on her with her other chicks to stay warm.  Here is the new family.

new family

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  1. suz says:

    just catching up on my farm blog reading – what a spectacular sighting you had. i’ve never seen one that close and never saw one in flight until three years ago, well past age 60 for me. i think i saw a couple of nests this spring, before the leaves had come on much. i’ve retired now, so maybe i’ll get as lucky as you sometime, since i have more time to gawk. –suz in ohio

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