Our Cider Door

This is our back door.

cider door.jpg

It has labels from cider bottles from all over.  From the United States there are labels from Washington State, Oregon, Montana, Michigan, Massachusetts, Maryland, and New Hampshire.  There are also labels from Britain, France, and Ireland.  A few non-cider labels were honored to make the door.  There is Cabo Wabo tequila, Three Legged Red wine from Dunham Cellars, donna maria wine from distefano winery, and Ass Kisser smoked porter beer.

Now these labels are not a true representation of all the cider we have tried.  Some labels are not amenable to transfer to our door.  We have been cider tourist, travelling to cideries in Washington, British Columbia, Oregon and New England (Vermont, New Hampshire, & Massachusetts).  We have been cider tourists in Britain, Wales, and Spain (Asturias and the Basque region).  We have sampled German cider as well.  We have hopes of visiting cideries in Michigan, Virginia and hopefully someday France.  I am not sure our door will have room though.

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