New Barn Wall Day 2


I did the animal chores early so we could get started on the rest of the barn wall early.  There was a gorgeous sunrise over the manure spreader.  And then it intensified.


But this was a sign a storm was coming in (as well as the low pressure on my barometer).  So we wanted to get this wall done before the weather hit.  Here it is finally getting light enough.


And we got it done.  Here is the new section of wall we put up today.


And here it is next to the section we did yesterday.


And here are the sheep coming over to inspect our work the moment we moved our stuff out.


Hopefully we passed the inspection, and the starlings are not able to get in anymore.

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  1. Denise says:

    “There was a gorgeous sunrise over the manure spreader.” would be a great opening sentence to a farming memoir! Wall is lookin’ good- I’m sure the sheep appreciate the upgrade 🙂

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