I decided to start adding more cooking to my farm blog.  I have had two other temporary cooking blogs.  The first one was You Can’t Eat Mount Rainier.  It started out using the book of the same name cooking recipes from 1950’s Seattle restaurants.  It then expanded to the book You Still Can’t Eat Mount Rainier! with recipes from 1960’s Seattle restaurants.  I then had another blog called A Feast of Ice & Fire.  It was based on medieval recipes from the book of the same name based on Game of Thrones.  Both of these cooking adventures were great fun.  Outside of these blogs I have posted recipes on my pinterest recipe page and my facebook page.

But cooking has become more and more fascinating to me.  I love being creative with the food we raise on the farm, and I love exploring heritage cooking.  More recently I have been exploring Swedish cooking.  My maternal grandmother was born to Swedish immigrants, and I am hoping to visit Sweden next year.  And I have been interested in slave/Southern cooking, triggered by Michael Twitty’s book The Cooking Gene.  

Here are my usual go-to cook books:

current cookbooks

My typical strategy is to find interesting recipes on the internet, print them up and then wait until the mood and/or ingredients dictate.  I especially love the New York Times Cooking recipes.  Once I make the recipe and we both approve, it is then filed in my recipe notebooks:

printed digital recipes

But there are lots of foods I want to explore.  Here are the cookbooks (both paper and kindle) I want to cook from:

higher priority cookbooksfuture cookbooksmore future cookbooks


Plus I have my grandmother’s recipe cards I need to look at:

grammas recipe boxmore gramma recipes

So I decided that my farm blog will now include more cooking too.  They do go hand in hand as pretty much everything I make includes our farm raised food.  So please indulge me with this additional direction from my blog.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    It will be interesting to see what you come up with! I see that you have one of the original (and well used!) Betty Crocker Cookbooks! Our sweet mother gave each of us three girls one, though mine was a little different, since I’m the youngest. We have all treasured them and made sure that our daughters each got one of the oldies.

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