Snacks, Brisket and Soup

Yesterday I made some snacks that are supposed to be healthy. Today they were ready for sampling to make sure they are yummy.

The first recipe was Cocoa and Cashew Bars.  They are mildly chocolatey and tasty.

And I also made Coconut Pecan Energy Balls.  With the garam masala they have a lovely spiciness to them.

It is also time to get the brisket in the brine so it is ready for St. Patrick’s Day.  I still have the saltpeter for the last time I made this (and I am likely on an FBI list because of this) but this is the first time I am able to use our own brisket.  I used Alton Brown’s Corned Beef recipe again.

For dinner tonight I decided to make White Turnip Soup.  The turnips are still growing in our garden, and I have been trying to find a way to like them.  And this soup paired with our pork sausage patties is actually good.

The recipe is from Old Fashioned Recipes booklet from the Sedro Woolley Museum.  So my $2.00 investment paid off.

P.S. The Cocoa & Cashew Bars fell apart after a couple of days.  So I will not be making them again.

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