A Slightly Better Farm Day

sick Indy

So Indy still seems sick although not as sick.  She is not bug eyed.  She is limping.  She is breathing fast.  She occasionally has tremors.  Her udder is not engorged.  She lets us touch her ears and give her a CMPK bolus (not like her at all).  She is taking care of her calf and mooing for her.  She is eating but not enthusiastically.  She is drinking.  So we do not know what to think.

But Maddie is still cute.  She wants to play with the goats but then one of the large goats (Zeus) acted like he wanted to butt her.  So we separated them.

I am sorry, but I cannot live another year without chicken.  So I fixed up the chick pen as best I can.

chick prep

And we shored up the door.

door fix

And we went to three feed stores coming home with 9 Red Ranger Broilers, 9 Delaware pullets and 6 Barnevelder pullets.  They are bigger than our previous chicks and of varying sizes.  They seem to be adapting well to their new home so far.  I will get a better photo later (my camera battery died).

new chicks

Lastly, here is an unusual sight.  Our two oldest goats, Saphie and Magpie, appear to be cuddling.  I am not sure what to make of it.

saphie and magpie

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  1. Jeanne says:

    I’m sorry to learn that Indy isn’t well yet. I’d hoped she would be, by now. Maddie is so cute. I sat here and watched the video, enjoying it, finally thought maybe there might be sound with it! When I turned it up, my husband said “What’s going on over there?!” So I explained and also told him about your little chicks that disappeared, and the new ones you just got. And about Indy being sick. I keep the sound turned down, because otherwise, when I turn this thing on, the initial sound just about deafens me! – I pray that by the next time you write, things will be going better!

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