Slow Cooker Cuban Pork and Jamaican Rice and Beans

So we had a truly amazing dinner tonight.  This morning I started the Cuban Pork in my vintage slow cooker.  By this afternoon it was smelling so good.  I used our shoulder roast for this.  Here is Tom shredding it with the claws my mother bought him.  The recipe is at NYT Cooking.

I have been trying to find a recipe to match the Pico con Gallo I had in Belize nearly 30 years ago.  This is not it, but it was still amazing.  The thyme was from our farm, but that is it.  It is coconuty and warm.  It worked well with the pork.  This recipe is here.

Here is the delicious plate.img_3377.jpg

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  1. Donna says:

    So it was gallo pinto I had in Belize. I found a new recipe for it so will keep trying. I noticed that the name for Jamaican Beans and Rice was changed by the NYT. May not be Jamaican after all. But still tasty.

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