Sheep, Mud, a Chick Pen and Steve

It has not rained in about 2 days, but it is still really wet here.  There is nowhere for the water to go.  The sheep had to go through a gate to new grass today.  Over the winter the cows had trashed this area, making it difficult for anyone to cross.

Tom has continued to work on the weasel-and-starling-free chick pen.  A few more tweaks, and it will be ready for the rapidly growing chicks.

Steve likes to keep an eye on us.  When we are in the house, he positions himself so he can see us through the windows.  It seems like he lost his previous people and wants to keep track of us.  He does this in all weather so far.  Today was nice so I thought he would be more comfortable watching me eat lunch, but the bees were annoying him.

I have been selling fleeces right and left, which is nice.  That is today on the farm.

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2 Responses to Sheep, Mud, a Chick Pen and Steve

  1. Jeanne says:

    Can’t help but feel sorry for the sheep. They looked as if they were having a lot of trouble getting through there!
    The new chick pen is looking really great! It should surely keep them safe!

    • Donna says:

      I felt bad for them, but it was the best route to new ground for them. They made it through OK though, and it was a warm day for them to dry off after. I sure hope this pen works.

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