Lake Whatcom Railway

We went on the Mother’s Day Ride of the Lake Whatcom Railway today.  Above is the engine that pulled us, and below is a 1907 steam engine they have.

Here are some cars they had stored away.

And we got to climb in to the steam engine’s cab.  It was quite impressive.

Here are the 1910 cars we got to ride in.

This was a early Mother’s Day present for my mom, and her husband Al enjoyed it too.

It was also a Mother’s Day present for Tom’s daughter Jaylene.  Her husband Russ and her son William came along.

Grampa Tom was a big hit with William.

After the train ride was over we explored the rest of the route of the old Interurban Line along Lake Whatcom.

Then we had a barbecue at our house, and William enjoyed rides on our motorized toys.

It was a great day!


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  1. Jeanne says:

    What a nice way to celebrate Mother’s Day! So nice that you all could be together. The train pictures are really neat. My late brother-in-law would have loved that.

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