Vasterbottenspaj och Ostkaka

This was our Swedish dinner and dessert this evening.

I have been search for Vasterbotten cheese in local Scandinavian shops. But come to learn that because of the sodium nitrate in it, it is banned in the US. I learned that Priest Cheese XO is a reasonable substitute so I bought that.

The recipe I have been wanting to make is Vasterbotten cheese quiche. I broiled red and yellow peppers and skipped the crust. It turned out very tasty.

For dessert I made Swedish Cheesecake. It is not at all like our cheesecake. I served it with a fruit salad and that helped. The bitter almonds are illegal in the US. I would not suggest the apricot kernels as they are very hard to fringe. The Amaretto would be much easier.

I would also cook it at a lower temperature and for less time. But it was yummy.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    That all looks and sounds delicious!

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