14 Tons and an MVA

So I did not realize I had (to me anyway) great video of the 14 tons of hay arriving thanks to my Arlo Pro, a Christmas present from my honey.

Pretty amazing, huh? That was a lot of hay for us to put up by hand and an old hay elevator.

In other news, I was in our middle front pasture this morning with the sheep when there was an explosion with a large arc of electricity from an electric pole nearby. There was hollering from the road that someone hit the electric pole and I noticed it was no longer standing in front on the next pasture. I ran over there as I screamed to Tom to call 911. We both climbed over the fence to the road. I was running toward the driver of a very crumpled SUV but Tom stopped me from going over the guy-wires to get to him. I thought these wires looked clear but Tom said they touched one of the downed electric lines. If it weren’t for Tom there I could have been killed. I shouted instructions as a doctor over the wires until surprisingly another doctor appeared on the other side of the electrified wires. Our attention then turned to the fire burning about 100 feet away from the pole and keeping the road clear for the emergency vehicles. They just now transported the driver away and now they are working in restoring the power. We will monitor where we stomped out the fire to make sure it does not smolder again. I told the fire department man to douse water on it but I don’t think he did. A very scary morning of farm chores for us.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    I’m very impressed at the 14 tons of hay!
    But WOW! That accident was scary! I’m thankful that you were on the ball and were able to help.
    I hope all is well, and that the driver is okay.

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