MVA photos

Tom went to check that the fire was doused. It turns out it was. Here is the recently replaced power pole, now toast.

It turns out that there were two passengers in the back seat with an open bottle of whiskey. The driver lied to me and endangered their lives. I thought there was a real risk of explosion with a seriously damaged engine and live electric wires. So frustrating that he lied to us.

Below is the new Dodge truck being towed away. It happened fast but they needed to get the truck out to fix the pole, restore our electricity, internet and cable TV., and reopen our busy road. There was major front end damage which you cannot see well in this picture. He hit that pole at a high rate of speed.

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4 Responses to MVA photos

  1. Jeanne says:

    Oh my! That was quite a story! Shame on that driver!


    • Donna says:

      It was shameful. Tom was told by the police and cable guy that they found an open bottle of whiskey in the back seat. It was the teenage driver’s mother’s new truck that was totaled. Power came on at 1 AM today, we just got our wifi back and our road is finally opened again.


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