Anniversary Steak Dinner

So we had our 15th anniversary dinner one day early yesterday as today we will be traveling. I had been saving a Sunset steakhouse recipe for a special occasion so we used it last night

I also had been saving a bottle of Leonetti merlot from the year we were married.

So here is the dinner all assembled

It was SO good. I do not think I have ever had a better steak. The asparagus was lovely, and the wine was amazing.

Unfortunately the only thing from our farm was the chives. We will be talking to our butcher about filet mignon this fall.

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4 Responses to Anniversary Steak Dinner

  1. Happy Anniversary!!! I will be trying your steak recipe next week!!

  2. Jeanne says:

    Happy Anniversary!! May you have as many wonderful years together as we’ve had. We just celebrated our 60th anniversary a week ago. 🙂
    Your dinner looked lovely.

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