Winthrop Blues #15

For us anyway.  Here is the family arriving and unpacking.

I got the cocktail bar ready.

We brought my motorcycle, and William really enjoyed getting rides on it.

Unfortunately there was a strong wind the first night, and it destroyed our new pop up shelter.  Here it is being carted away.

William really enjoyed coming over to our camper van and visiting with grampa.

On Friday we went into the town of Winthrop.  There is a new cider bar there called Six Knots Cider.  We each enjoyed a cool refreshing cider there.  Tom did taste both of them.

We went to Winthrop Mountain Sports and found these adorable river shoes.

Jaylene apparently agreed because the next time I saw William he was wearing them.

We walked back to the Blues Ranch carrying a growler of Six Knots’ cider.

That night in the beer garden there was Curtis Salgado and Alan Hagar.

On Saturday we got ready for the blues in the heat.

The mister was a big hit with William.

Curtis Salgado and Alan Hagar played again Saturday afternoon.

Our friend Anne enjoyed dancing.

We went to the river to cool off.  The giant rubber duck there was a big hit.

Later in the afternoon The Welch Ledbetter Connection played.  Monster Mike Welch was amazing on the guitar.

Kathy Rankin took photos, as always.

We returned to our campsite for meals, and William got more grampa time.

The California Honeydrops were after dinner.

Samantha Fish was after that.  Unfortunately I had a huge headache and had to leave.

Sunday afternoon featured Curley Taylor & Zydeco Trouble.  Their music was fun and great for dancing.

William got more Grampa time in the audience.

Erika Olsen watched from the stage.

Too Slim & the Taildraggers were later in the afternoon.

This is their bassist Zach Kasik.

Here is Cholo taking photos.

Here is the happy winner of one of the raffled guitars.

William learned to play with our fans.

Los Lonely Boys ended the lineup.

Then Sunday night in the beer garden, Polly O’Keary and Peter Dammann tore it up.

The guitarist from Zydeco Trouble was amazing as well.

Mark Dufresne from ‘Ridin’ with the King’ BB King Tribute band was an incredible singer.

This morning, the last motorcycle ride of the trip happened.

And Bluesie, our camper van, crossed the North Cascades Pass and brought us home again.

It was a great weekend with wonderful music and friends.  But we are tired and happy to be back home.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    What an amazing weekend!! William is adorable – how old is he now?

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