Socializing Week and the Return of Chores

We have been busy with social engagements.  On Sunday afternoon we went to the birthday party of our friend Jerry.  Sunday evening we went to the memorial/potluck for the sister of my longtime friend Jonathan.  Here is the tree at the event.

Amanda’s tree

Yesterday we had a farm dinner for our friends Pam and Tommy.  And this morning I did a farm tour for my co-worker Jamie.

So now it is time to get some farm chores caught up.  I picked up one of our cockerels wondering if they are just feathers or meat.  I grabbed this guy, I thought he was 8 pounds, and Tom thinks he will make 5 pounds of meat.  So we will start butcher one chicken every 2 weeks or so.

I noticed that one of our old sheep that was not sheared in the spring was starting to shed his fleece and seemed itchy and hot.  So I sheared him yesterday.  Here is Logan afterwards.

I noticed some barn swallow chicks.  The next day there was only one and today none.  So I caught them just before they left their nest.

And today we moved the pigs to a larger pasture.  They enjoyed the cool water after the move.


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4 Responses to Socializing Week and the Return of Chores

  1. Diane cruikshank says:

    Fun little snippets of farm life!

  2. Jeanne says:

    That is one awesome tree! It must be quite old. I enjoyed all of your pictures. Had to chuckle at the pigs in the water.

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