Donna and Vanessa

I swapped two Shetland lambs named Tinker Bell and Pixie Dust for adult Shetland ewes (Jewel and Moni) with John Park in 2010.  He renamed them Donna (after me!) and Vanessa (after our beloved Chesapeake Lab now passed on).  They produce lovely wool and lambs for him, but now it is time for them to retire.  He did not want to separate them and wanted to find them a good home.  So asked if I would take them back.  I said yes, but Tom was not thrilled as we are trying to downsize.  But how could I turn down sheep names after me and my much loved and missed Vanessa?  And they still have lovely wool for me to play with.

So John brought them back home today.  Here they are in his trailer, a little freaked out by the trip.

Here is Donna’s face

and her lovely wool.

Here is Vanessa’s face

and her wool (which is darker and less crimpy but still lovely).

They immediately went into the flock, and Diddley was telling them that he was the boss.  There was some initial chasing, but things settled down quickly.  Welcome back home Donna and Vanessa and enjoy your well deserved retirements!

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4 Responses to Donna and Vanessa

  1. Michelle says:

    Lucky ladies to be able to come home to retire! (Thanks, Tom!)

  2. Denise says:

    Welcome home girls! 🙂

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