Dye Day

I dyed nine 250 yard skeins of my mioget katmoget Shetland 2-ply sport weight yarn from Ewegenie and Jemima on Tuesday.  This is in preparation to sell the dyed skeins on Fiber Day next Thursday.  I used Greener Shades’ acid-based heavy metal-free dye.s  I tink they came out beautiful.

dyed skeins

I especially like them with the sunshine steaming through the window.

dyes skeins in sunshine

They will be available for sale for $10 per skein.

I wanted to do some natural dyeing as well but ran out of time.   It is possible I might find time next week for this,

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4 Responses to Dye Day

  1. Jeanne says:

    Jeanne and Marlys say “Oh my! Those are gorgeous!” Marlys wants one!! Are we assuming correctly that you spun them, too?


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