Haitian Pork Griot

Tonight we made Haitian Pork Griot for dinner. It was a 2 day affair as on Tuesday I put one of our pork shoulders in the fridge to thaw and made the marinade. Due to a marital miscommunication while I was at work yesterday Tom made more marinade. After texting he combined both marinades on the shoulder which was 5# so it all work out. This afternoon I started cooking it and when Tom got home he finished it.

I made the brown rice using this recipe and our Instant Pot.

So here is our dinner.

We used our pork, thyme and parsley and I drank homemade grape wine from our and my stepdaughter’s grape. It was really good. Tom added a little too much salt for my liking and I was surprised how little meat there was for a 5# roast. But the flavors were great and it was different than our usual shoulder recipes. So it is a keeper!

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