Smoky Cabin Weekend

We went up to our Boles trailer this weekend. Tom’s son Thomas joined us to fix up his hunting shack. We arrived Friday night (and had to replace a flat tire on the motorcycle trailer), and the skies were clear. But Saturday the winds shifted and the smoke came in.

Steve loves the cabin. He looks like he is in his element.

Here is Tom and Steve with the smoke rolling in.

A large helicopter flew through the smokey valley, presumably going to one of the fires to the east of us.

My niece Loki joined us to practice riding on the dirt.

Her husband Isaac was there. He enjoyed riding a quad and petting Steve.

My Dad was there enjoying time with his family.

Steve and Rocky explored the woodpile for chipmunks. (You can see how much more smoke there is)

Loki and Isaac relaxed in the hammock.

Most of us went riding Saturday morning. I got a flat tire that Tom fixed. Saturday my brother Greg and his woman Sue arrived. I baked a Sicilian Pistachio Cake.

I also made rhubarb compote by baking the stalks with some honey.

Everyone but Sue and myself went riding, and we got to hang out and shuck peas. After they returned Tom grilled our pork chops while I boiled our potatoes and steamed our peas. Then we all assembled for an outdoor meal along with the yellow jackets.

After dinner we had the cake and compote for dessert under a red sun.

After dinner we collected around Dad’s 12 volt TV outside and watched the Seahawks lose. We called it “our campfire”.

And now we are heading through the smoke back home. We all had a nice time, but the smoke and the bees were annoying.

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5 Responses to Smoky Cabin Weekend

  1. Denise says:

    looks like everyone had a nice time despite the smoke- and Sicilian Pistachio cake sounds wonderful- going to bookmark that recipe

    • Donna says:

      It seems like they did, but were tied of the smoke. Unfortunately for most of us it is about to get much worse. The cake was good, and I actually thought it paired well with the rhubarb compote. I hope you like it too.

  2. Jeanne says:

    Oh ratz! I can’t look at the cake recipe. I don’t want to join that New York Times thing. The cake looks just yummy! We no longer have any rhubarb, since the drought of several years ago. ­čÖü
    The smoke you showed looks very much like ours. It’s so thick, you’re not sure the sun is trying to shine! Not fun!

    How far do you have to drive to get to your Boles trailer?

    • Donna says:

      Sorry about that. I printed a bunch of enticing recipes before my subscription ran out. You might try another Sicilian Pistachio Cake recipe. It intrigued me because it only has pistachios, eggs, sugar, baking powder and potato starch in it. A friend gave me The rhubarb after Tom weed whacked our rhubarb. The smoke is now way worse here, scary worse.
      The trip depends on traffic. 2.5 hours getting there and 5 to get back.

      • Jeanne says:

        I did search for and found a similar cake recipe. It calls for 1/2 cup of flour, instead of the potato starch, which will be easier to do in a paleo type, for Marlys. She has to avoid potatoes! Now I’ll have to shop for the pistachios!! It does sound like fun!! It also calls for a little bourbon, which we’ll have to eliminate for her sake, too. We can work something out!

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