My Lazy Weekend


We headed out Saturday morning after I got off of work to our Boles Aero in the mountains.  It was the first day of muzzle loader deer hunter so we made orange wings for Steve so no one would mistake him for a short pale deer.

In the evening, I used my Portable Pub to make cocktails.  Here is an Old Fashioned.  We had a nice pork chop dinner with local corn and potatoes for dinner.  And we listened on the radio to the UW Huskies beat the BYU Cougars.

The next morning the sun shone beautifully on the grass and the valley below.

Tom’s son finished the roof of his hunting shack and planted some trees.  Tom move firewood and sealed the Boles roof.  I just took it easy.  With permission, we borrowed my dad’s 12 volt TV and digital antennae and were able to pull in the Fox pregame show.  I was able to watch Rob Riggles for the first time this year.

Steve enjoyed roaming around, checking things out.

But he was horribly harassed by the chipmunks hanging out by Dad’s motorhome.

In the afternoon I made another cocktail, a margarita using my new (to me) ice crusher.

And we watched the Seahawks beat the Cardinals.

In the evening I made a Mojito.

We had a nice dinner with London Broil, our green beans and potatoes.  After dinner I was able to knit and watch Sunday Night Football on my iPhone.  (I did not want to run the generator for the TV anymore.)  It was a little chilly so we had the wood stove going most of the day.  In the late evening a doe and two fawns wandered by.

We were woken up early this morning by elk bugling.  And Steve looked picturesque.  He loves going to the Boles and running around.

Rocky mostly slept but did some walking around too.  His health is deteriorating.  As we usually do not bring the dogs up during rifle hunting season and once the snow falls, this might be his last trip.  I sure hope not though.

It was a nice break from the farm for all of us.


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2 Responses to My Lazy Weekend

  1. Jeanne says:

    What a nice weekend for you!
    How did you make Steve’s wings? And from what? A close picture would have good!

    • Donna says:

      We made them out of strips cut from one of Tom’s orange safety vests. There is not much to see close up. Tom just tied the strips to Steve’s harness.

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