Goodbye Gertie

Gertie was a really cute goat born in 2007.  Here she is shortly after birth.

gertie 207

Gertie in February 2007

She was born as a triplet and her mother Patches Pal could not produce enough milk for little Gertrude so we ended up bottle feeding her.  She even went to Tom’s office in the day and was their princess.  Here she is when after we found her cold and underfed getting warmed in the dryer.


Gertie in dryer

I did name her after Gertrude the clown. Here she is three months later in a video.

We sold her to what I thought was a good home.  I remember how sad I was to see her go.  Six years later she had to be rescued due to horrible neglect.  We got her back from the goat rescue that saved her along with another goat (Wiki) we had sold with Gertie.  The other one we had sold (Little Queenie) had died at some point in this “home”.  Wiki ended up dying too.  Here is Gertie and Wiki at that time.

gertrude 213

Gertie in February 2013

She did not have good teeth and always remained a little thin.  So she always got special treatment with grain, wetted alfalfa pellets and/or bread,  She remained friendly and we loved her.  She was a great goat.

Gertie 414

Gertie in April 2014

gertie and hen in sun 315

Gertie and hen in sun in March 2015

Then she developed a pseudopregnancy.  She seemed to tolerate it well, staying in her usual condition and acting OK.

Gertie 718

Gertie in July 2018

But then over the last couple of days she stopped eating well.  I tried to give her nutritional supplements, but today she died.  I deeply regret selling her and the years of neglect she had to endure.  I tried to make it up to her since then, and I will never sell another live animal again so no animal of mine will ever have to suffer like she and her compadres did.  She really will be sorely missed.  She was one of a kind.

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4 Responses to Goodbye Gertie

  1. Jeanne says:

    Oh, Donna! I’m so sorry! It’s really hard to know that people can be so cruel! Goats are so sweet and can be such characters!! I understand your broken heart.

  2. Denise says:

    so sorry about Gertie. I am glad that she got to live out the last years of her life back at your farm. Such a sweet girl. Rest in Peace.

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