Explore 4 Fiber Retreat

I attended this retreat focused on Shetland wool Monday through Thursday on San Juan Island. I took the ferry arriving Sunday night. This is a nearby ferry docking at Lopez.

Here is the cabin I stayed at.

In the morningS I prepared and spun wool while paying attention to the wisdom of Deb Robson. And in the afternoons I explored the island. The weather was beautiful the whole time. I visited English camp the first afternoon.

Here is part of its hospital.

Here are the singles spun up for Monday from Shetland Flock Book Sheep as evaluated by Oliver Henry of Jamieson & Smith.

Tom came to visit me, and here is his ferry coming into Friday Harbor.

While waiting I was able to watch lots of fish, a sea lion and a sea bird.

Here is an interesting video from our security camera that night.

There is a hot tub at the cabin we enjoyed in the evening, but Tom also enjoyed it with a cup of coffee in the morning.

Tuesday morning the teaching resumed. The focus was on award-winning UK fine Shetland fibers.

Here is a lovely project from one of the participants.

It was Deb’s 70th birthday so we had cake. Such an honor to share her birthday with her.

Here are some of the books that people brought to be shared.

This is my Tuesday lunch spot.

I finished my spinning on the deck of the cabin.

Here are the singles for Day 2. This was a challenging day as the fiber was so short it was hard to process and spin. I resorted to combing it only once and then lightly flicking the edge.

I did spin from the comb. I usually have the tines down but wanted to show how scary my combs are.

I woke up early the next day and plied my yarn. Here are day 2 and 1 after plying.

This is Day 3’s yarn singles. It focused on US fine Shetland wool. It was a little easier to process and spin.

That afternoon I visited American camp. Another gorgeous day.

That evening I skeined all my yarn and washed it. Here it is in skeins with the first day toward the top.

And here are my skeins drying by the fire.

Then this morning I had to pack up and leave the cabin. I actually got choked up. It is a funky place but so relaxing. Plus I cooked some amazing meals in its little kitchen.

Back to the lodge this morning for more learning.

I forgot to take photos of today’s spinning. It was not-fine US Shetland. I enjoyed spinning it all except one sample had a bit of VM to comb and pick out. I did get it plied and skeined before I had to leave to catch the ferry. But here is the beautiful ride home.

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  1. Denise says:

    looks like a great time- glad your cabin accomodations worked out so well!

  2. Tara Smith says:

    What a wonderful experience!

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