Starting to Skirt Wool

I started the process of skirting and evaluating the fleeces yesterday.  I have three done.

This first one was Vanessa’s brown fleece:

Vanessa’s moorit Shetland fleece: Soft, pretty color, nice crimp, moderate VM, lightly skirted, 2# 12 oz, $33

Vanessa’s locks

Vanessa’s fleece closeup

Vanessa’s fleece cut surface

Here are photos of Jewel’s grey fleece:

Jewel’s grey katmoget Shetland fleece: Soft, pretty color, nice crimp, little VM, some second cuts, jumbled neck, weathered back, 3# $36

Jewel’s fleece locks

Jewel’s fleece close up

Jewel’s fleece cut surface

And lastly, I did Mr. D’s cream and black Nigora fleece:

Mr D’s black and white Nigora fleece: Soft, pretty colors, little VM, heavily skirted due to partial felting and coarse areas, lots of hairs, 1# 5 oz, $16

Mr D’s fleece locks

Mr D’s fleece cut surface

Last year’s fleece was completely felted.  I made a felted rug with it except the hairs did not felt so are constantly coming out of it.  But our barn-now-porch cat Izzy loves it.  I am glad this year’s fleece is not completely felted and is usable for spinning if someone wanted to pull the hairs out.

Izzy and Mr D’s felted rug

Three fleeces down and 21 more to go.

shorn sheep flock

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Nice fleece! Beautiful colors too!

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