Cool Whip Eggs and Braised Oxtail

Interesting cooking today. I hard boiled 28 of our multicolored eggs. I had already bought and thawed some Cool Whip ( not something I usually buy). And I already have neon food coloring for our bath bombs. I put them all together with the help of a recipe and got this:

That was great fun. I think I will do this each spring.

I also braised an oxtail. I found one in a garbage bag in the bottom of our freezer mixed in with pig organs. I am guessing it was freezer burnt. I did not know it was in there as Tom said the butcher did not save the tail for me. I had saved a couple of recipes hoping for a tail so tonight finally tried one.

It took a long time but here it is all cooked up,

And here is my serving ( mostly bone).

It was really rich and flavorful. I am glad I made it. So if you find an oxtail in the bottom of your freezer, I would suggest you try this.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    I LOVE the way your Cool Whip eggs turned out!! Sooo beautiful!

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