Sweden Trip Day 7, Start of the Reunion

So we started of in Umeå with our first true Swedish breakfast.

Then we walked with our luggage for over one mile to what we thought was central station since this is where we departed the train and our tickets said central station. Well, it turns out this was Östra station. So we then walked over another mile with our luggage to Central Station. We met a kind woman after 0.5 miles who spoke no English but between her body language and my limited Swedish we walked together and found the bus station we were supposed to be at. Via Facebook messenger I was able to alert my cousin Kyle of the correct station and we met there. Here is the bus we got on.

There were lovely scenes along the way including farmhouses , saunas ( which I never got s photo of), sheep ( in the far pasture of one photo), and lakes.

When we arrived in Vindeln we had to walk 1/2 mile with out luggage to our hotel. But there were sights along the way including a Swedish hearse , vintage American cars, and a robotic mower ( like a Roomba).

Then we arrived at the reunion hotel.

There they had posted a local newspaper article of my great aunts and uncles from their visit in 1973. It brought tears to my eyes.

We had a nice Swedish lunch,

family members kept arriving and then Daniel Nilsson made the announcements to start the reunion.

We started with games,

Then dinner,

And then more games.

There was a lot of story telling and old photo sharing as well. It was so nice to have so many of the family together from Sweden, Canada and the USA. My night ended with my daily phone call home to my husband, sharing the events of both our days.

I am so looking forward to tomorrow with spending more time getting to know more about my relatives.

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Very interesting! I love that ambulance!
    I was impressed with all that food!

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